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Some of our clients require significant levels of remediation to create a healthy living and working environment. In these cases, interior demolition may be the best way to guarantee comprehensive removal of the environmental hazard.

What Is Interior Demolition?

During interior demolition, we use hydraulic equipment and man power to tear down the interior of your structure while preserving key structural components and exteriors. Interior demolition may involve removal of non-weight bearing walls, partitions, finishes, windows, floors and fittings.

As interior demolition experts for over 30 years, we execute the demo work efficiently, being careful to leave the rest of your site intact. We leave your site with a space ready for renovation. We are fully insured, with bonding available. Call us at 215-739-8166 for a free estimate today.

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Diamond Huntbach offers interior demolition services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

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